Who am I?

A 39 year old woman who’s been doing web design and graphics for 14 years. My graphics have been used by GQ Taiwan, My writing has been on Graham Norton and I did an interview for Stephen Rea on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Coffee Venture. I’ve also done graphic art for two plays Little Shop of Horrors for the Strand Theatre and How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Dane DeHaan – How that site started out was all with the encouragement of my son. But it was a little more than seeing a movie. It was the art of acting, when i seen Dane act for a little more than a second I seen the talent he possessed and with that I began the site, now I am happy that more fans are gathering for him. He deserves way more than he gets and I hope in the future he get noticed for his talent.

Daniel Radcliffe – This one is a rather funny one, I started the site yes because of Potter. But It never really was about the character it was more Daniel himself. I loved him during Potter but what really got me is when he started in the Woman in Black, I never worked so hard doing all the press interviews and gathering everything for it. It was a labor of love and I grew exhausted but it was worth it. What made me appreciate him more was the day Graham Norton showed my fan fiction site to him. For me to hear it mentioned on UK Television was a defining moment and to hear his kind words made me appreciate him more. Not only that but he signed 3 things for me without even knowing who I was.

Leonardo DiCaprio – DiCaprio, the longest site I ever did. It’s been running for 14 years this coming December. Leo and I are the same age so i sort of grew with him since I was a kid. I remember watching him on television during a commercial and thinking who is this kid? What I didn’t know is that, that kid turned out to the the Titanic hunk that I fell in love with. Titanic was a big piece of my life after the movie the site just evolved to Leo himself. And I have kept it going since then.

James McAvoy – James captured my heart in Atonement, from there I watched his other movies and so forth. I’ve been steadily keeping up with all he does, but this time he is teaming up with Dan. So I look very forward to seeing Frankenstein. I read the script and just can’t wait to see it.

Elijah Wood– You might have thought I fell in love with him for Lord of the Rings. Nope. It was Maniac, even though you never really got to see him in the film his film performance was amazing. He was believable as a serial killer. But as I observed his films I realized I had watched most of them as a kid. Elijah is a few years younger than I but he has a passion I do. The love of Horror films. With that I started a site on him. End of Story….

Mitchell Kummen – I never worked on a young celebrity before. I never really had an interest to do one before. But there was something on Mitchell that made me wanna do this for him. He’s a great young actor. Seeing him in the Tomorrow People, When Calls the Heart and other things he’s done gave me an incite to see what he has accomplished as an actor. It was then I knew I was gonna make a website on him to show his career to the world, make him known. My wish for him is to become an amazing actor as he grows. I wish him the best in all he does.